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The Music of Altered States
This is where you can find the names of songs or performers that we've featured on any of our episodes. Please support these artists by going to their sites and letting them know how much you enjoy their work.


Episode 204

1. "Merry Xmas From Hell" by The Conlons

2. "Scream" by Simon Shapiro

3. "Whisper" by James Hurley

4. "Dark Days" by Ernest Troost


Episode 203

1. "No Ordinary Thing" by Thomas Hornig

2. "Unique" (Live) by Alex Nester

3. "Damn Glad" by The Flutterbies

4. "Nostalgia" by Froud


Episode 202

1."So What if it's Halloween" by Bob Malone

2. "Down Down" by Nocole Gordon

3. "Vampire Song" by James Hurley
Off the album Tempest in Teacup

4. "Switchblade Heart" by Ernest Troost


Episode 114

1.With Open Eyes by Froud

2. Future is You (remix) by Marc Platt

3. Saint George’s Day by Gary Fuges
Off the album 3 Minute Drill

4.Alone by Thomas Hornig
Off the Album All of My life


Episode 113

1.You Appeared by Gary Fuges

2. Alice in Her Wonderland by The Celia Rose
New CD, Little Flower

3. Faith in Rain by The Flutterbies
From their current EP The Flutterbies

4. Jealous of the Moon by James Hurley
From his new CD Tempest in a Teacup


Episode 106

1. Jealous of the Moon by James Hurley

2. No Ordinary Thing by Thomas Hornig

3. Waiting for the Lights to Change by Simon Shapiro

4. Rolls That Way by Kym Campbell


Episode 104

1. Revolution by Marc Platt
New CD is The Real Me

2. Damn Glad by Maureen Davis and the Flutterbies

3. I Can See You Smile by Jay Matsueda

4. I Stole Your Wishes by The Ditty Bops


Episode 102

1. St. George’s Day by Gary Fuges

2. January Mourning by Amy Clarke

3. I Can See You Smile by Jay Matsueada

4. Dear John by Brooke Trout


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