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Here you can hear our any previously released episodes of Altered States Para Radio! Just click on the link at the top of each section to play in your browser, or right click (option click for Macs) and select "Save As" or "Save Link As". It's just that easy!


302 - Rosemary Ellen Guiley on Djinn

Join us for an in depth interview with the walking encyclopedia of the paranormal, author Rosemary Ellen Guiley! Known for her numerous books filled with years of research into topics like Angels, Demons, Vampires, Ghosts and Spirits, and much more, Rosemary talks with the AS crew about her upcoming release on malevolent spirits known as The Djinn. These “Genies” are some of the oldest and most destructive non-human forces known as far back as written history. She covers some of her cases and the research and classification system that she has uncovered. This is a must listen for anyone interested in Demonology or malevolent hauntings!For more info on Rosemary Guiley, go to her website at


301 - Dustin Pari of GHI & The Patch

Kicking off the new season right, we interview The Paranormal Rockstar, Dustin Pari! Dustin shares his personal journey and growth throughout his years in the paranormal community, both on screen and off. Hear how his experiences have shaped and formed him, how he was opened to a more spiritual path, and how he has worked totruly help those in need. He also discusses his latest endeavor with creating "The Patch" ministry, a Christian Non-Profit dedicated to spreading the Good Word and the Good Book. For more information on Dustin, you can go to or to find out more on the ministry, check out




207 - Ron Fabiani of Paranormal Cops

In this episode, we interview one of the stars of the hit show Paranormal Cops, and investigator for The Chicago Paranormal Detectives, RON FABIANI! Ron joins us to discuss his work as a detective for Chicago PD and how his REAL WORLD methodologies help in his paranormal investigative work. Learn some tricks of the trade to ensure your evidence has not been tampered with. See how these real detectives use their trade to better the paranormal field in the search for evidence and answers. This is a show for EVERY and ANY investigators of ghosts and hauntings!For more info about Ron and his team, check out their site at


206 - The Paranormal Stu

Get ready for a world of craziness here on Altered States! Join us as we chat with Scott and Lori, the creative madness, the twisted minds, and the lovable duo that created the Paranormal Stu featured on UStream! This is an unforgettable (and one of a kind) episode, and far outside the norm for the Altered States crew. Everything from Gaseous anomalies to paranormal sheep and everything in between. If you’re looking for an amazing laugh, this is the show for you. For more info on The Paranormal Stu, go to their website at


205 - Spiritual Protection/Malevolents

Are you interested in Demonology? Have you ever been followed home by a spirit? This is the show for you! Dave Harvey and Tom Durant go outside the norm of Altered States' programming and share personal stories, information, and methodologies of spiritual protection (Before, After, and During Investigations), discerning malevolent hauntings, helping families on the long road to recovery, and knowing when you or your team may be in over your head(s). This is a very thought provoking episode full of personal stories and a variety of schools of thought.


204 - John Zaffis

Haunted Objects Month continues with our good friend John Zaffis, Paranormal Researcher and Demonologist. John joins us to discuss his collection of Haunted Objects at his very own Museum in CT. Listen in as we feature some of the most fascinating and horribly haunted objects in John's collection spanning over his 40+ years of research. Mr Zaffis and Tom also discuss current trends in demonology and things to watch out for. Join us for this amazing and insightful episode. For more information about John Zaffis and his museum, go to


203 - Mark and Debby Constantino

Haunted Objects Month begins with a bang! - EVP Researchers, Mark and Debby Constantino join the AS crew to discuss their work with one of the most frightening thing in the paranormal field: HAUNTED DOLLS!!! We'll play some amazingly creepy EVP from some of the haunted dolls Mark and Debby have talked with and find out some of the history of the dolls. Along with the objects, Mark and Debby offer some advice to investigators and warn of the price you may pay for bringing haunted objects into your home. This is one of our most amazing and in-depth shows yet, so take a listen! For more information on The Constantinos work, go to


202 - Kalila Smith

Join Altered State's Tom Durant and David Harvey as they interview Kalila Smith, New Orleans tour guide, author and Voodoo practitioner. Kalila has personally researched and wrote the material featured on Haunted History Tours of New Orleans' Ghost, Vampire and Spellbound tours. She is the author of "Journey Into Darkness...Ghosts & Vampires of New Orleans," and "Searching for Spirits." Ms. Smith discusses her work in the religion of Voodoo, the differences between Hoodoo and Voodoo, and the Vampires of New Orleans! You won't want to miss this one! For more info on Kalila Smith, go to her website,


201 - Jim Marrs

Author and Researcher, Jim Marrs, joins the AS crew to discuss his latest novel, Sisterhood of the Rose, a tangled tale of fiction and fact regarding a secret society of women who plotted and conspired to aid the Allies during WWII. Jim then discusses his work on Above Top Secret, a book inspired by the hit website dedicated to various conspiracy theories and UFO phenomenon. What are the drones flying in California airspace? Is the moon hallow and how did it get there? Is there a New World Order attempting to control the masses by drugs and subtle policies? Find your answers here! For mor information, on Jim, go to




120 - Los Angeles Paranormal Association

Tis the Season at Altered States! We are wrapping out our 2nd season and we've decided to get back to our roots! Join Altered States Para Radio as they interview their good friends from Los Angeles Paranormal Association. Listen in as Co-Founders Layla and Grant, and investigator Brian discuss some of their most frightening and chilling tales from their adventures to some of the most haunted locations in the country. The team also share their experiences of appearing on the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures Television Show at Linda Vista Hospital right here in Los Angeles, CA! Then, we listen in as the LAPA crew share some of their best and most intriguing interviews. This is a great show and the perfect way to wrap out the 2009 season! Join us to close out another great season of Altered States Paranormal Radio! For more information regarding the LAPA Team, go to


119 - Dr. Anthony Aveni

Professor and Author, Dr. Anthony Aveni, discusses his extensive research into the Mayan Culture, their calendar, and his personal interpretations of the upcoming 2012 phenomenon. What do the Mayans see for 2012? What is Western Societies and the Christian viewpoint done to propegate the 2012 / End of Times ideology? What about the Universial Convergence and allignment supposed to occur around 2012? Come and hear the insights that Dr. Aveni has. For more information on Dr. Anthony Aveni and his books, go to


118 - Jerry E Smith

Author and researcher, Jerry E Smith, joins the AS crew to discuss his books regarding Project HAARP and the government's plan to use weather warfare! We tackle the subject by explaining what exactly the well known HAARP project is supposed to be, then Jerry gives us what his personal research has discovered...Is there a war between countries using weather as the main ammunition? Has our government perfected a defense for such warfare? Is there a global conspiracy to change our weather patterns forever? You'll have to listen in to find out. For more information on this guest, you can go to

117 - Dr. Robert Schoch
Dr. Robert Schoch joins us on the show to discuss his extensive research in dating sacred sites such as the Great Sphinx in Giza, Egypt. We also discuss his latest book, "The Parapsychology Revolution", which is an in depth look at legitimate scientific studies of Parapsychological research dating back to the 1800's. What does this mean for ghosts? What does it mean for ESP? Remote Viewing? Click the link above to Listen

116 - Paranormal Divers
Altered States is keeping the comeback strong with another amazing episode. Join hosts Tom Durant and Dave Harvey as they chat with the guys from the Ghost Pros Paranormal Divers team! Lee and the guys chat with us about doing underwater investigations, the difficulties and dangers they face, their technical gear, and their personal experiences of investigating submerged locations (shipwrecks, bridges, and much more!) This is one of our most fascinating interviews yet! Don't miss this. For more info on the Ghost Pros, go to and for more info on the Paranormal Divers, go to

115 - Bill Murphy
That's right! We are back everybody and we're kicking into high gear! Join Co-Hosts Tom Durant and Dave Harvey as we talk live in studio with one of our favorite regulars, Mr. Bill Murphy! Bill discloses some new information and technology as seen at the Darkness Radio PSIence fair in September! Hear about some of the latest and greatest gadgetry in para-investigation! Also, Bill discusses some of his own projects including his work on an upcoming TV show, his next documentary, and even an in-depth ethical debate about paranormal experimentation! This is a thought provoking and mind blowing episode! For more information about Bill's experiments and his DVDs, go to www.GhostTown.TV

114 - Lon Milo DuQuette
Author and O.T.O. US Deputy Grand Master, Lon Milo DuQuette, calls in to discuss the life and work of the infamous Occultist, Aleister Crowley. Listen in to some intricate and fascinating knowledge of the inner workings of "The Beast 666", and learn about the Quabalistic genius behind the exaggerated stories. Mr. DuQuette also shares some of his own personal knowledge about Enochian Vision Magick, Quabalistic Magick, and the teachings of Rabbi Ben Lamed. Need a little magick in your life? Listen in to this amazing episode. For more information on Lon Milo DuQuette, the Ordo Templi Orientis, or Aleister Crowley, please visit

113 - John Hogue
John Hogue, Author and Scholar, and world renowned researcher of Michele De Nostradame, joins us on air to discuss his latest writings, "Predictions for 2009", and "Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus". John discusses his predictions for the coming year, as well as what may cause the coming end of humanity. We also hear about some Nostradamus' most famous predictions, the tradgedies of his personal life, the ridicule he faced, and even about his occult practices which brought forth his amazing prophecies. Click above to hear this intriguing interview and for more information on John Hogue, his writings and prophecies, go to

112 - Dr. Marc Seifer
A very special episode has come our way! Join Tom Durant, Dave Harvey, and guest host Bill Murphy as they interview Dr. Marc Seifer, professor of Psychology, Graphology expert, and noted author of "Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla"! Dr. Seifer discusses a number of Tesla's "visions", his inventions (including his infamous "Death Ray"), and even possible contact with an Alien race! This is not only one for our science fans, but for ALL paranormal fans! Check it out here!

111 - Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Join Altered States Host Louis Gonzalez and Music Director Dave Harvey as they interview Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Author, and Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at the Idaho State University. Dr. Meldrum is considered to be one of the foremost experts on Sasquatch and you'll find out why here on Altered States! He weighs in on the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, the infamous "Memorial Day" footage, and the compelling Skookum Cast! A must listen for all Crypto fans!

110 - Dr. Lynn Marzulli
Altered States brings on Dr. Lynn Marzulli, author of "The Nephilim" trilogy, "Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural", and "The Alien Interviews", to discuss his research and work into UFOs, Fallen Angels, and the Luciferian End Game! Dr. Marzulli shares his extensive research with us and weighs in on such topics as Shadow People, The Mothman, and how the Bible can be used as a "Guidebook to the Supernatural"! This is one fantastic interview, don't miss out!

109 - Ted Phillips
One of our most intriguing interviews to date! Altered States talks with Ted Phillips, director of the Center for Physical Trace Research and leading expert on UFO trace evidence cases all across the world! Ted discusses how he got involved in the paranormal, his work with UFO pioneer Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and some of the greatest cases the CPTR has encountered. This is a must listen for ALL UFO researchers and investigators of the paranormal!

108 - Jeff Wamsley
You asked for it, now you got it: Jeff Wamsley from and author of "Mothman: The Facts Behind The Legends" joins Altered States from Point Pleasant West Virginia to talk about the world famous Mothman! Jeff discusses the initial reports, current sightings, UFO and MIB ties, and the famous event and author that spawned the 2002 hit film, "The Mothman Prophecies". This is an Altered States ALL TIME FAVORITE episode!

107 - ORION and NWPH
Another great two part episode. First, AS talks with ORION Paranormal's founder and director, Michael Sinclair about what it takes to keep a nationwide team running and hear about one of Michael's most interesting haunts from New England. Next we chat with the entire crew of North West Phantom Hunters. Founder Chad Zumwalt and his team share information about some of their craziest cases and how they obtain some impressive evidence. The team even shares a few EVPs with the AS Team. From the North East to the North West, Altered States Paranormal Radio covers it all in this fun episode.

106 - Larry LaFave
A very special two part episode. The Altered States team first welcomes back fellow colleague and friend, William Murphy. Bill gives us an update on he and Anita's situation, her healing process, and their upcoming trip to Gettysburg, PA. We also hear some exciting news about the newest documentaries from 13 Pictures including Waverly Hills Sanitorium and a piece on the infamous Eastern State Penitentiary. In the second part of the show, Larry LaFave, fellow researcher and founder of N.A.P.R.A (The North American Paranormal Research Alliance) , discusses his work in Colorado finding the best techniques for retrieving evidence and research regarding mass tradgedy sites. Larry also shares what it's like investigating with his family, explains what the N.A.P.R.A. project is, and even shares some evidence with our listeners! This is a fascinating interview that ALL researchers (especially those who work with family members) will not want to miss.

105 - Dr. Russel Targ
Dr. Russell Targ, Remote Viewing Pioneer and Co-Founder of the Stamford Research Institute's Scientific Studies on ESP, phones in to discuss his over 40 years of experience! We only touch the surface of Dr. Targ's work, however we delve deep into the theories behind how Remote Viewing works, information regarding of some of the SRI's government tests, and we even get co-host Louis Gonzalez to put his psychic skills to the test as Dr. Targ performs a remote viewing experiment LIVE on air!!! Come learn about the difference between astral projection and remote viewing and how anyone can perform some simple ESP and Remote Viewing with just a little help! This is one of our greatest and most fascinating shows to date.

104 - Jason Bermas
An amazing new show from the Altered States Para-Team, Jason Bermas, director of the acclaimed documentary "Loose Change", joins us on the show to discuss the events and information surrounding 9-11 as well as the hidden elite who run our world. That's right, we talk about the New World Order (NWO). Hear about Jason's newest film regarding secret societies and the power that the elite holds over the masses. We learn about his research on the Skull and Bones, President Obama, and the New World Order! Altered States guest host Kristin Baalman joins Dave and Tom to give her insight into the critical research regarding these secret societies and the event that changed America forever.

103 - Dr. Pamela Heath MD
AS Para Radio welcomes Dr Pamela Heath MD, Parapsychologist and noted Psychokinetic Researcher. Dr Heath, co-founder of The Paranormal Research Organization (PRO), and board member of the California Society for Psychical Studies, talks with the AS team about the cross cultural views of ghosts and demons, and her current theories in psychokinetic and remote viewing studies.

102 - Bobbie Atristain
Altered States amps up for a great month of interviews and we're kicking it off right! Bobbie Atristain, founder of The Center for Paranormal Research in Virginia and author of "Haunted People Haunted Minds", joins the show to discuss psychology and neuroscience as it applies to the field of Ghosts and Hauntings. Bobbie also discusses how the anthropological history and cultural history of ghosts effected people centuries ago, and how that influences our behaviours today. Come and listen to a truly scientific team and their amazing approach and knowledge of the paranormal. Don't miss it!

101 - Brad Duplechien
Only 3 weeks remain until the Festival Des Esprits at the Shreevesport Municipal Auditorium in Shreevesport Louisiana. Brad Duplechien, Co-Founder of LA Spirits, phones in to tell us about the history of the Shreevesport Municipal, some of the findings and EVP from LA Spirits' previous investigations there, and about the numerous speakers that will be at the event! Also, Brad talks about his new, controversial book, Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look At Louisiana Ghost Hunting, available now on! Check out this amazing event and even more enthralling podcast!

100 - John Zaffis
It's been a long wait, but finally Altered States Paranormal Internet Radio returns, and with fury! World renowned demonologist, good friend, and Godfather of the Paranormal, John Zaffis, joins us from Connecticut to share his knowledge with our team and listeners. Mr. Zaffis' career spans the better part of 35+ years. He is a pioneer in the field of demonology and his work speaks for itself, but in all the years of demonology, has the field changed? "ABSOLUTELY!" John talks about the changing face of demonology, the dangers for inexperienced investigators, how the rules of the game have changed, and what it takes to be a true "demonologist". This is a favorite of the Altered States Team, and we hope you like it too. Listen in!




020 - Dr. Lynn Kitei
Breaking new ground here at Altered States, Dr. Lynn Kitei phones in to discuss the Phoenix Lights and the growing controversy which continues to this day, 12 years after the initial sightings! Dr. Lynn weighs in about the government's response, the psychological and spiritual implications of similar experiences, and correllations to numerous sightings across the globe.

019 - Mark and Debby Constantino
Our most heartfelt show to date, join Altered States hosts Tom and Louis as they pay tribute to their friend and colleague Brendan Niemic...Also, EVP specialists Mark and Debby Constantino call in to give us their take on the other side and discuss their grief management sessions which have brought closure to a number of families. Mark and Debby share some of their most profound EVP from their own personal stories of mourning and the survival of human consciousness. For anyone who has lost a loved one, this is the perfect show for you. Our sincerest condolences to the Niemic family, and to Brendan, we love you...

018 - Vegan Mel
Vegan Mel, from the TAPS Westcoast Home Team, calls into the show to discuss her upcoming lecture at SpiritCon 2008 in Coarsegold, CA! The focus of the discussion is on the paranormal and animals! How is it that animals see ghosts? Do animals have souls? Can they come back and haunt the living? We tackle all these questions in this fascinating episode. Then, Angie Matthews of SPIRIT Investigations gives the team a look into the history of the "Broken Bit", the location of the upcoming SpiritCon Conference! An old gold mine, Native land, and a lot of animal ghosts, come on in and listen.

017 - Mark Macy
This is a very special show from the Altered States Team! Bill Murphy joins us again in studio, but this time he has brought a very special guest, Mark Macy, ITC (Instrumental TransCommunication) pioneer and researcher from the Colorado Area!!! Mark has been experimenting in the field of ITC since the early 90's and his work has truly made an impact in the field. Mark talks with us about some of his current work, including a sneak peek at his newest book to be released in January of 2009! Mark also talks about some of the spirit communication he's had (both good and bad) and tells us about the higher beings known as "Aetherials"

016 - Syd Schultz & PPRS
Altered States brings in Samhain (Halloween) with a great new show. We have Syd Schultz, director and founder of Pasadena Paranormal Research Society (PPRS) and Dave Harvey, researcher for PPRS and the Altered States Paranormal Internet Radio Music Director! PPRS gives our listeners good solid information about how to approach doing private cases, research, and some do's and dont's of investigation. Syd and Dave share how they got into the field of research and Syd shares with us a frightening personal account he had at The Stanley Hotel. This is a fun and informative show that no one will want to miss.

015 - Alexandra Holzer
Join Louis Gonzalez and Thomas Durant as they interview the lovely, talented, and paranormally keen, Alexandra Holzer, daughter to world renowned parapsychologist, Dr. Hans Holzer. Alexandra discusses her newest book, "Growing Up Haunted" and gives us detailed information of growing up with a paranormal legend and how she plans on carrying on the legacy! Come to our LISTEN section now to hear the scoop on the Holzer family and get the low down on "Growing Up Haunted"!

014 - Jen Broussard & LA Spirits
Louis Gonzalez and Thomas Durant bring Co-Director of Louisiana Spirits, Jennifer Broussard onto the show to talk about some of her experiences in helping run the LA Spirits team, as well as to share some information about their upcoming conference, "Le Festival Des Esprits", being held at the Shreevesport Municipal Auditorium, February 28th, 2009. Later, Tom and Louis hold an ITC session using a Radio Shack Hacked "Frank's Box" to see what messages it holds for our hosts and our listeners! Listen in so you can tell us what you think comes through!

013 - Bill Murphy
The Fabulous Bill Murphy is back with lots to share! Join Co-Host Thomas Durant as he talks with Bill about his latest research, the finishing of his latest documentary, "The Stanley Effect", as well as hearing about Bill's many lectures and paranormal side-projects! So intriguing, you'll wish you could hear it over and over again! OH WAIT, you CAN!!!!

012 - Gian Temperilli
Louis Gonzalez and Thomas Durant talk with Gian Temperilli regarding his book, "Heaven Can You Hear Me", co-authored by world renowned psychic and paranormal pioneer, Peter James. The book chronicles Peter's extensive work in the paranormal field, and illustrates a number of his cases, theologies, and ideas behind the paranormal and spiritual realms. Louis and Gian also share personal stories with our audience from when they were with Peter in life.

011 - Lisa Lindley
Join guest co-host Vegan Mel and co-host Thomas Durant as they interview Lisa Lindley about her family's amazing story of survival through a demonic haunting. Lisa shares her family's experiences and gives brutal details of their struggle as well as how they've learned to cope with the stress and torture. You won't want to miss this show. Check it out now!

010 - Kathy Strain
Join Altered States Paranormal Radio as we talk with renowned Bigfoot Researcher, Anthropologist, and Author, Kathy Strain as we get to the bottom of the "Hairy Man" Phenomenon! Kathy shares insider information regarding the recent Bigfoot Hoax in Georgia, her many years of research into Bigfoot sightings, and her thoughts on what these big hairy creatures are. This is one crypto show that will never go extinct!

009 - Bishop James Long
Demonology month here at Altered States Paranormal Radio continues with an interview you don't want to miss! Bishop James Long, from the United States Old Catholic Church, shares some valuable information regarding demons and demonic haunts. Find out how you can tell the difference and learn who you can contact for help. Bishop Long tells our listeners some of his first hand accounts of being an actual exorcist and even discusses the case of Anneliese Michel (The true case from "The Exorcism of Emily Rose") - This is one AMAZING Episode!

008 - Dan Mewhinney and SoCalPRS
Dan Mewhinney, director and founder of the SoCalPRS, sits with us in studio and discusses the physical and spiritual dangers of the paranormal. Dan also shares some of the demonic stories that his team has encountered. We also play some of his teams EVPs which may leave you chilled to the bone...

007 - Richard Senate
Author, Investigator, and Historian, Richard Senate, discusses his work as a pioneer in the field of ghosts and hauntings, where he feels it is headed, and the importance of science and psychic means of investigation. Richard also reveals some facts about is newest book, "Shocking Psychic Solution: The Lizzie Borden Case" , his upcoming book, "Shocking Psychic Solution: Jack The Ripper", and some shocking stories from his haunted history tours of Ventura, CA!

006 - Thomas Durant pt.2
Co-Hosts Louis Gonzalez and Thomas Durant continue part two of their discussion as to what the phenomenon of "Shadow People" may be. Thomas delves into theries of Government conspiracies, interdimensional and time travelers, astral projections and much much more.

005 - Thomas Durant pt.1
Co-Host Thomas Durant begins a 2 part discussion as to what the phenomenon of "Shadow People" may be. Thomas tells Louis and the listeners about his personal accounts with the Shadow People, and also discloses information about case files which he has collected in his years of research.

004 - LA Spirits
Brad Duplechien and Brendon Thomas, co-directors of Louisiana Spirits, talk about some of their most interesting cases in haunted Louisiana. They go in depth about some of Louisiana's haunted plantations, the Shreevesport Municipal building and their upcoming paranormal convention!

003 - Bob Davis and Planet Paranormal
Bob Davis and Ashley Blackwell, co-owners of Planet Paranormal and Planet Paranormal Investigations, along with fellow investigator, Brian Clune, discuss some of their investigations including a number of visits to the Queen Mary and their recent trip to Alcatraz State Park. They share some of their most intense and astounding EVPs.

002 - William Murphy on ITC
William Murphy comes back to talk with Altered States about his latest work in the field of Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC). Mr. Murphy discusses his research with a device called "Franks Box" created by Frank Sumption and shares his knowledge of the Digital Dowsing systems engineered by Bill Chapel. William Murphy explains where he thinks ITC is going and why its important!

001 - Derek Bartlett and CAIPRS
Derek Bartlett, founder of Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Socitey, explains how his team came to be and how they obtained non-profit status. Derek also shares some of the most interesting and frightening cases that their team has handled!

000 - (PILOT) Bill Murphy
William Murphy, executive producer of 13 Pictures, LLC, discusses his series of paranormal documentaries, "The World's Largest Ghost Town: A Post Katrina Investigation", "The Queen Mary: A Floating Phenomenon", and "The Stanley Effect". Bill also shares his behind the scenes experiences and find out what didn't make the cut!

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